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Custom design and manufacture of Industrial Electric heating equipment
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The addition of additives and alcohol to make biodiesel has the advantage of adding a renewable form of fuel to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil. The lubricity of the fuel is enhanced, the power of the engine is generally increased, but the point at which the fuel becomes cloudy, the point at which the fuel becomes difficult to pour, and the point at which the fuel will plug a filter is raised enough to be a problem in the northern areas of the country.

The following table is for B100 biodiesel, but most blends are comparable.

DEGREES (Fahrenheit)
B100             No.2 Diese

Cloud point 27 to 36             5 to 40
Pour point 20 to 32           -30 to 5
Cold filter plugging point 26 to 34           -5 to 15

WAAGE ENGINEERING has been in the industrial heating business since 1909. Manufacturing all types of industrial heaters, from ovens and melting tanks to immersion heaters and air heaters.

We manufacture special immersion heaters for biodiesel tanks.

These heaters are very low watt density with all necessary built in temperature controls and limits. All of our biodiesel products are individually custom designed and manufactured for each particular installation.

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We have designed and manufactured electric biodiesel immersion heaters for tanks from 4000 gallons to 20,000 gallons. They are available in either the circular (shown) or "L" shaped over the side design. Also available are flanged units for thru the side installation.